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Write while you do science, not after

Publisher Pro integrates writing into your scientific process from the beginning, giving you two main advantages over scientists who start writing later. The first is that you won't forget to record or describe any part of your experiment, and the second is that you'll be mostly finished with your paper by the time you get your results. This puts you miles ahead of scientists who experimented and put off writing until their experiment was complete. Wherever you are in your writing process, our automated coach will quickly bring you up to speed. Publisher Pro's workflow will make it possible to submit just weeks, instead of months after you run your last analysis.

Write in 15 minutes a day

Sometimes, 15 minutes is all you have, and that's fine. Our automated coaching system breaks paper-writing into the smallest possible components, so that you can move forward even if you feel you don't think you have time to write. We make tasks discrete and priorities clear, so you can select a task that suits your day's schedule. This relieves you of the sometimes overwhelming burden of "writing a paper." With our system, a paper is what you end up with, after you complete a series of manageable tasks.

Write to the highest standards

We built Publisher Pro on a template system that integrates current best practices in reporting for each study type. The templates for common study types are already built in. For less usual study designs, we help you build your own template, based on guidelines in your specialty field. The template system ensures that you will include all data and all explanations essential to replicate your experiment, and meet journal requirements for specific guidelines like CONSORT (randomized controlled trials), STROBE (observational studies), PRISMA (systematic reviews), and many others. Scientific advancement depends on high-quality reporting of well-designed experiments. Our workflow makes it easy for you to achieve both these goals and to advance in your work and your career.

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Pain-free collaboration with your co-authors

Publisher Pro makes it easy to work with, and track the progress of, the many contributors to your scientific paper. Smooth communication with co-authors can speed up the paper writing process, and poor communication can bring it to a halt. Hundreds of tasks, large and small, might need to be coordinated among a large group of authors over a period of years — often thousands of emails are exchanged during that time. Just keeping track of who is doing what, and of looming (or missed!) deadlines can sometimes feel like a full-time job, but that is not even the largest part of a first author's work. In addition to writing the bulk of the paper, first authors must send out drafts, track comments and suggestions, resolve difference and integrate changes into several drafts of the manuscript.

An automated writing coach & tutorials

The main difference between Publisher Pro and other writing applications is that we help you write better papers by integrating coaching into our workflow. The more you write in your system, the more your writing will improve. Our workflow follows best practices for reporting your experiment and offers full explanations and detailed help designed for both native and non-native English speakers. You can access this help when and where you need it, and turn it off as you become more familiar with our process. We offer more than the help and coaching already integrated into the process flow: we've developed tutorials and a knowledge base you can access for more detailed information on most of the questions writers ask.

Human editors & coaching (an added service)

Publisher Pro aims to make you a better writer and our goal is to reduce the amount of human editing you require. But that doesn't happen all at once, so we provide editors and writing coaches when and where you need them. We also take the uncertainty out of hiring an editor or coach. If you purchase editing hours or coaching from us, we will provide you with a professional medical or health science editor who knows our writing system, who will edit your work and explain how to improve it... so you need less editing next time. Our editors will give you as much or as little help as you need. They can content edit or proofread a whole paper, or they can focus on 2 paragraphs giving you difficulty in the Discussion. It's up to you!

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