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Why Publisher Pro?

Publisher Pro is designed as a systematized, supportive writing process adapted to individual, real-life scientific practice. Through working with scientific writers as an editor, it quickly revealed that many students had similar problems. Some of these were common to English language learners; many were common to all writers, no matter their native languages. 

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Publisher Pro among Winners of Venture Kick Stage 1 for CHF 10,000

Publisher Pro is a subscription-based, SaaS platform for health and medical researchers, based on founder and CEO Kali Tal’s method for teaching scientists how to write better research papers faster. Publisher Pro is a writing ecosystem designed to help scientists produce publishable work, collaborate, and thrive, supported by intuitive software and human editors. Medical researchers must publish in English to stay competitive, but most find writing hard and slow. Writing becomes a bottleneck between doing science and sharing it. Scientists thus need a reliable system that helps them write quickly and well.

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