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Publisher Pro’s editorial service makes the news

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The University of Chicago profiled our Editorial Director, Kirsti Cole, last month. Our favorite quotes:

“It’s a really exciting venture because it’s filling a need for a specific professional demand that’s out there,” she says. “We have so many people producing knowledge that we desperately need, but they’re stymied by the writing process, or they can’t find the time to do it because their lab is so busy. This is a way to do something about that impasse and, so far, the results have been very compelling. Our beta testers have been raving about it.”

Things are going so well, in fact, that Publisher Pro expects to hire a significant number of editors in the next year. Cole says she’s confident that the University of Chicago’s Medical Writing and certificate program will supply Publisher Pro with the necessary expertise and talent. 

“I can’t think of any other program I would want to reach out to,” she says. “It’s a great training program, and I would love to work more with people that have gone through the Medical Writing and Editing certificate.”

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