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Meet Our Team

We've assembled a team of interdisciplinary experts

Founder, CEO

Kali Tal, PhD

Kali has 35+ years of experience as a writer, editor, publisher, and teacher. She is an interdisciplinary scholar and has spent the past decade developing a medical and scientific writing curriculum. She is our resident visionary.


Ramon Spahr, MSc

Ramon has 15+ years of experience in software development and architecture. An innovative engineer who loves to get things done, Ramon belongs to Puzzle ITC's technical board.

Development Partner

Puzzle ITC

Puzzle has been a leading open-source software developer for over 25 years. In addition to developing cutting edge projects, Puzzle's vision and corporate culture emphasize ethics, sustainability, and community.


Prof. Olivia Keiser, PhD

Olivia is Head of the Division of Infectious Diseases and Mathematical Modelling at the Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva. She and her team have a strong publication record and an international reputation for expertise in public health.


Tal Herman, MsC, JD

Tal is a design leader who has worked with Fortune 500 companies to create compelling digital experiences that improve their customers' lives. He ensures our platform is a pleasure to navigate.