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What is Publisher Pro?

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Publisher Pro is a scientific writing platform that starts where your science starts, even before you choose your research question, and ends when your paper is published. 

Publisher Pro is a system that you can enter and exit at any point along your writing  journey, that you can use as much or as little as you like, that will guide you through the hard sections, keep you and your collaborators focused and on track, help you keep moving forward, and prepare you for the all-but-inevitable process of submission, revision, and resubmission. 

Publisher Pro is based on 4 principles.

  1. Writing is part of science, not something you do after the science.  If you complete the Publisher Pro writing tasks in order, your scientific paper will be 75% finished by the point when other scientists begin writing their manuscripts.
  2. Each part of a scientific research paper has a narrative and documentation function. When that function is clear, papers can be broken into smaller parts or taks, making each section easier to write. Publisher Pro lines up these writing tasks to streamline your writing process. 
  3. Processes and tools foster clear communication between collaborators. Publisher Pro provides tools that encourage authors to mutually define tasks and set and keep deadlines, which can smooth some of the professional and interpersonal friction that can slow the writing process.
  4. Scientific writing in English has its own forms and rhythms, many of which are not taught even in high-level English courses. With Publisher Pro, writing success is easier to attain by writing simple prose in English well through understanding English sentence function and construction. 

As a scientific writing platform, Publisher Pro is designed to suit your individual, real-life scientific practices and expertly support your writing process on your way to publication.

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