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Why Publisher Pro?

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Publisher Pro is a labor of love undertaken for the medical and health science research communities. It was conceived during years of close work with scientific writers, faculty supervisors, graduate students, and postdocs (at a large, diverse institute of public health in Europe), many for whom English is a second, third, fourth, or even fifth language. We found many scientific writers have similar problems. Some are common to English language learners; many are common to all writers, no matter their native languages.

We designed Publisher Pro to be a systematized, supportive app that coaches you through the paper-writing process and supplies you with the tools you need to succeed. Our approach is structured enough to make writing easy and fast, but flexible enough to  adapt to your individual, real-life scientific writing practice. 

We saw some real needs for tools and training dedicated to scientific writing in English and so we decided to fill them. We know courses on scientific writing in English are scarce, especially outside of countries where English is the native language.  We know books about scientific writing often issue instructions without providing the details that will help writers carry them out. We know professors, mentors, and supervisors are short of time and can rarely spend enough of it with students who need writing mentorship.  We know that even advanced courses in English as a second language almost never cover practical aspects of scientific writing. And we know that choosing an English language editor when you are not a native speaker is expensive and risky because quality is hard to judge. 

That’s why we created Publisher Pro for medical and health science researchers who need tools, support, and assistance during writing process. We’re here to help you, so give us a try!

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