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Automatically integrate guidelines and checklists for best practice...

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An automated writing coach and tutorials

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Human editors as an added service

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If English isn't your native language, our coaching & tools will keep you on track

Our unique process flow and tools are just as useful for native and non-native English speakers, and our method is already used by a large, international group of scientists. We reveal the hidden patterns in English writing and make it easy for you to write clear and persuasive prose.

Our tutorials will turn writing in English into a streamlined process that returns predictable results. The more you use our platform, the better you will write.

The features you need to publish & flourish !

We've assembled a team of interdisciplinary experts

Founder, CEO

Kali Tal, PhD

Kali has 35+ years of experience as a writer, editor, publisher, and teacher. She is an interdisciplinary scholar and has spent the past decade developing a medical and scientific writing curriculum. She is our resident visionary.

Managing Director

Kristin Bivens, PhD

Kristin is an expert in technical communication and rhetoric, with 20+ years of experience as a writer, editor, and teacher. She has experience managing complex projects; she keeps us organized and on track.

Financial Officer

Jasen Best, BA

Jasen has a strong background in banking and finance, specializing in cultivating relationships and underwriting for established and start-up companies. He is responsible for managing money matters. He's usually near a spreadsheet.

Director of Editor Education

Kirsti Cole, PhD

Kirsti is a Professor of writing studies with a certificate in medical writing and editing. She educates teachers and directs online graduate programs in writing studies, communication, and literature.


Tal Herman, MsC, JD

Tal is a design leader who has worked with Fortune 500 companies to create compelling digital experiences that improve their customers' lives. He ensures our platform is a pleasure to navigate.


Gustav Wiberg, PhD

Gustav is an electrochemist and programmer with startup experience. A publishing scientist and coder, Gustav provides technical and practical advice on platform development.

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